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BESTPOTATO is a professional potato supplier. We farm best quality potatoes in the heart of potato country.

Purposeful, open-minded and responsible team of BESTPOTATO has reach experience in implementation of great potato projects. 
United by common ambitious goals we create new Ukrainian potato business.


BESTPOTATO is a true innovator.  
We have strict quality requirements that cover everything from the soil preparation to harvesting and storing raw potatoes. We grow the most popular varieties on our irrigated fields, use the latest agricultural equipment, thoroughly adhere to cultivation technology, control each production stage, and take care of the environment.
Our production is a complete cycle, starting from seed cultivation and up to shipping the ready for processing.





Igor Chechitko,


HZPC Ukraine

BestPotato is an ambitious company that from day has declared itself as a professional potato grower! A company whose implemented plans will definitely contribute to the development of the potato market in Ukraine .... After all, it is a modern company for processing French fries! Huge investments, state-of-the-art agro-technology, irrigation, a professional team, reliable partners ... these are the prerequisites necessary for success. We, HZPC Ukraine, as part of the large HZPC family, are proud of our collaboration with BestPotato and are ready to share our experience! Innovator, Challenger, Sagitta, Tiger ... this is by far not a complete list of our French fries varieties. Most European processors use these and other HZPC breeding varieties in their production. Yes, when you order French fries at McDonald`s you consume our potatoes!!! And now, very soon, the best French fries will be produced in Ukraine!

BestPotato is a new team but we have been cooperating with its members for many years. Three key words that can best describe this project are: innovation, experience, courage. 

They apply technologies never seen in Ukraine before. Their product is also new and the first to be manufactured in this part of the world. Decades of experience in potato business allow them make

best choices and reach their aims in most efficient way. Despite all mentioned above and perfect planning it still takes big courage and confidence to turn their dreams into reality. 


Looking at the progress they make every day – we can be sure they will succeed and we keep our fingers crossed to see their Opus Magnum to be finished soon.

Piotr Kuszel,

sales director 


BestPotato is famous for its technological discipline. Everyone knows that a significant number of potato varieties are sensitive to one or the other active ingredient of the herbicide. According to the recommendations of ADAMA experts, BestPotato used “the softest” spray plan: two herbicides (PendiganTM and PrometrexTM) tank mix with minimum dose rates. This made it possible during the vegetation season not to use herbicides to control dicotyledonous weeds and thus avoid toxicity of the crop.

Company’s business is currently focused on the cultivation of chips varieties as well as research growing seeds of fries varieties for the future plant. To grow processing potato is a tour de force. Over the last 5 years, the average yield of chips varieties in Ukraine was 25 t/ha. In 2019 - 17-20 t/ha. BestPotato resulted with 40 t/ha.

This difficult year indicated that the high-quantity and high-quality harvest will come to its consumer, and the company will get high financial results for the further development of the potato business.

Oleg Tarasenko, technical support ADAMA Ukraine



144/1 Smilyanska str.
Cherkasy, Ukraine, 18008

tel.: +380 (50) 464 00 59

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